CADI: 30 years promoting Industrial Design ➲

ENARCO formed part of an Event organized by the CADI (Aragonese Industrial Design Center) trying to value the importance of Industrial Design in the Aragonese enterprises during the last 30 years.


Last tuesday, 13th of april 2021, ENARCO was present in an evento organized by CADI (Aragonese Industrial Design Center) through its operative manager David Gascón.

The evento took place in the CADI headquarters of Zaragoza, with the main aim of presenting the new book of its director, Juan Manuel Ubiergo Castillo, which shows what has been done in Aragon in the field of industrial design during these last three decades.

Representatives of diverse important Aragonese enterprises (Araven, Atades or Pikolín, among others) valued the importance of an activity that has gained a lot of weight in their organizations in recent years; not only with a single aesthetic purpose but increasingly as a tool for competitiveness, innovation, functionality and differentiation.

Link to the full piece of news in Heraldo de Aragón.

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