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CincoDías, the largest Spanish-language economic information platform, together with El País, leading newspaper in Spain, and Retina, the digital transformation site, published in its no. 20 in August 2019, a two-page special on the ENARCO company


This news is the confirmation of ENAR as a world leader in concrete Vibration equipment, and the dissemination in specialized media encompassing leading news brands that are leaders in their sector and with a clear global vocation.

This August special reported on the history of Enarco, our energy efficiency in the construction sector, our leadership in cement compaction, our high frequency electronic converter for concrete vibrator called BOXEL, and the commitment continues in our range of products for  paving, compaction and vibration at global level, with economic data confirming the  solidity and continuous development of the Enar brand in the sector of concrete and construction at the global level.  

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